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    Grape keratin treatment is an amazing enhancement, allowing hairdressers to perform maximum straightening. This kind of a Brazilian blowout is suitable for any type of hair, however, the most outstanding results are obtained in case of extremely curly hair. What is more, it helps to regenerate the damages caused by chemical treatments and other unfavourable factors.

    Apple keratin treatment is an alternative name for Aminoacid-Activated Keratin Treatment. It is based on an aminoacid complex, what makes it possible to activate keratin infusion in an innovative way. As a result, it replenishes hair's cuticles deeply, making them more elastic and regenerated.

    Chocolate keratin treatment is focused on rebuilding the hair's capillary fibres and thanks to that, making it more healthy again. This Brazilian keratin treatment minimizes volume, prevents hair from frizzing and has a moderate straightening effect.

    Btx smoothing is a treatment that uses Botox for hair combined with collagen. It can be applied to any kind of hair. Sometimes it is considered to be a mile step over traditional keratin treatment.

    It is an amazingly innovative product among all the straightening techniques, based on a mixture of wheat protein, keratin, collagen and Aloe Vera, modified in a special way in order to enhance the infusion of amino acids, so that they could be absorbed deeply in the hair cortex.

    Btx smoothing is outstandingly effective in hair regeneration and healing the damage caused by environmental conditions or over-treating. Thanks to hair Botox, the flawed cortices are nurtured, shaft cuticles are regenerated and generally, hair becomes stronger and more healthy.

    One anti-frizz protein therapy is a magnificent treatment to make your hair less frizzy and more shiny. It uses a special protein, improved by natural oils, that is absorbed by the hair cortex in order to revitalize the damaged fibres and result in healthier hair for even 8 weeks.

    Botox for hair

    Botox for hair is a mixture of very beneficial minerals applied with a syringe. For safety, it should be always performed by a specially trained stylist. The small molecules will seal any gaps in the hair's structure and make it firmer and less prone to any damages. Hair Botox is particularly recommended to people with very frizzy curls or split ends. Moreover, it is helpful in case of very long hair.

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    Brazilian blowout - keratin treatment

    As its name says, Brazilian blowout was invented in Brazil, as the women from this part of the world usually have very curly and heavy hair that is difficult to be straightened. This method is based on inserting natural ingredient of hair's structure, keratin, in order to make it more vivid and stronger. Brazilian keratin treatment is amazingly popular on the international hairdressing market nowadays.

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